ROC resources corresponding to OOP objects?

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nk4um Administrator
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January 29, 2019 18:45

I agree with the first part of the analogy. A resource is an instance of something like an object is.

However I don't see a resource set as a class in that analogy. I don't often use the term resource set but when I do it refers to a collection of resources. A set mathematically is an unordered collection of members of the set. A resource set could the something like "the set of all resources representing ever employee of a company" and in that case you could see the set as, not the prototype or class of an employee but certainly tied to that concept. However often with might have a set of all resources that an endpoint could embody - in that case those resources might be of many forms with the endpoint acting as the container.

Hope that helps.

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January 21, 2019 01:35ROC resources corresponding to OOP objects?


In order to deepen my understanding of resources, I will draw an analogy with the OOP concepts of class and object. I'm defining the concepts with my own words, not looking here for perfection just to sort things out.

A class is the set of all specific "things" which satisfy their class characteristics.

An object is any of the specific things described above.

In other words, a class is like a cookie cutter, for instance a circle shaped one, while an object is a particular cookie cut using that cookie cutter.

In the ROC world, we are talking about resources and resource sets.

Colloquially, when easily infer-able from context, it seems we could also refer to a resource set using just the resource word.

Question: Could we safely say that a resource is the object correspondent while 'resource set' is the class correspondent?

P.S. I understand that a resource is an abstract information set identified by a logical identifier while an object is a physical block of computer memory identified by a physical memory address. In other words, a resource lives on the logical level while an object consumes its life in the physical world/ level. I also understand that ROC and OOP are complementary technologies.

Having said all the above, are the correspondences resource->object and 'resource set'->class conceptually valid?



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