Strange warning and blocking behavior

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nk4um Administrator
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June 12, 2016 11:46

Hi Radu,

glad you found the problem. It's my expectation with an error like this that the endpoint would be flagged up red in the space explorer and if you navigate down to it you would see the endpoint with a commission error.

This would be flagged up on the control panel banner in the system health check of EE :-)

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nk4um User
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June 11, 2016 15:46Fixed!!

I found a mistake in code, forgot to call super.onCommissionEndpoint ... (just declared the endpoint threadSafe in that method in order to avoid the compiler complains of calling overridable method in constructor ...)



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nk4um User
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June 11, 2016 15:11Strange warning and blocking behavior


I just started to work to a new project with NKSE as usual.

The module is pretty simple. One internal space - with 9 accessors inside, a second space that opens for http access using the HTTP Fulcrum with a mapper and inside the mapper space included first space. Nothing unusual ...

I noticed some warnings in the console like

W 17:38:34 Authenticati~ No meta defined for resolve of [Authentication]
W 17:38:34 Login         No meta defined for resolve of [Login]

Ok, I said, no big deal, just warnings. But ...

In the space explorer the endpoints have no information related with, including the grammar (!?) ....

I inspected again and again the code and module.xml and I noticed nothing ...

Moreover using request tracing tool for


having in the first space the endpoint defined as bellow


I got nothing with no explanation

Starting search in [ JAC Client Module /rootspace[1]]
No Match on [ Authentication]
No Match on [ Login]
No Match on [ SaltGenerator]
No Match on [ Logout]
No Match on [ NewJobId]
[+] No Match on [ StartCompile]
[+] No Match on [ CheckCompileResult]
[+] No Match on [ Literal]
Scope exhausted. No match found

Can anyone give a hint how to override this?!

It's pretty urgent, I need to finish the demo till Monday morning ...

Thanks in advance,


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