Golden Thread and caching problem

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nk4um Moderator
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February 8, 2016 09:29

Hi Stefan,

Its not possible to tell from these high level traces what is causing the cache miss on your second request. There are many possibilities but the most likely could be that you are requesting stuff from the httpRequest:/xxxx resources - which are in the superstack and due to variance at the http level its making the comparison of the spacial scope not equal.

The best tool to use for these cases is to look at the detail trace request, click on the highest res:/test/getData... and choose "Compare Caching". Now go to another root request and find the same inner request for res:/test/getData and select "Compare Caching" again - and now you will see a side-by-side comparison of the cache determination for the two resources.

If a cache hit is possible all the relevant fields must be equivalent.

If you can't determine this yourself then please send us dumps of the traces and we'll be able to find the cause.


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nk4um User
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February 7, 2016 19:33Golden Thread and caching problem


I have a problem with caching and as I believe the golden thread pattern.

Here is the overview of all made requests in the visualizer:

The request at 19:21:21 to endpoint DataAccessor does some SQL work and then the endpoint attaches an golden thread before returning the result. I don't show a picture because it's very large.

The following request at 19:21:24 to the same endpoint returns the cached result as expected:

The next requests do some DB actualisation and the request at 19:21:31 cuts the golden thread.

Now the same request at 19:21:37 does some work again, but in a different way as the the initial request at 19:21:21:

Then at 19:21:39 I made the request again, but the result was not taken from cache but calculated again:

Why is the request at 19:21:37 not cached as in the beginning? The cache viewer shows every request as a new entry filling up the cache but never reusing one. After clearing the cache, the expected behaviour (1 calculation, then a cached response) is shown again, looks like something is left behind but was?

I tried many times with different request/response headers within all endpoints, but no result.

All the request traces can be found here.

Is there any explanation for this?

Thanks in advance,


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