Blogxter: The end of CORBA
The end of CORBA
19-Jun-2006 14:08:09, steve

Gnome is built on Corba. You can tell that by changing your hostname and noting how you cant start any apps by double clicking on the icons. That is an ORB at work, if ever I saw one.

Otherwise, CORBA is, well, on the way out. Despite the fact that a lot of the early work came out of HPLabs here in Bristol, despite the fact that it is based on ANSA. CORBA is already as legacy as, say, EJB2 or rpc/enc SOAP. (side topic: is the cool-to-legacy lag shortening, or do worse technologies just die faster?)

For a thorough and fairly brutal CORBA postmortem, check out Mitchi Henning's ACM article. There's nothing unequivocal there. He also, very subtly, condemns SOAP to the same grave. Every reference to over-verbose IDL, bad client APIs with no model of asynchronicity -those are thinly disguised attacks on SOAP too.

Now, Mitchi and Zeroc have their own views on the matter, ICE is 'Distributed objects done properly'. But IDL/schema languages do matter. APIs are important. SOAP is cripped with XSD, WSDL and, in java, a bias towards synchronous comms with XSD generated java classes as payloads. So he could be right. I wonder what Gnome-on-ICE would be like?

(Currently debugging java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException faults while spinning during webapp startup while testing Cargo-under-Smartfrog.

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