Blogxter: The end of SOAP
The end of SOAP
19-Dec-2006 20:46:57, steve

It won't happen at once, it wont be overnight, but one day SOAP will be over. We will look back and wonder "what were we thinking". It will be up there with ActiveX, EJB2, and other things that we will describe as mistakes that should never have made it past the powerpoint stage.

At some point before SOAP is widely recognised as being over, the tide will against it. We can't see what is happening inside the enterprise, for now we can only fear that they are playing with the SOAP bits in Java 6 and .NET 3. There's probably an indirect metric of the volume of enterprise-originating support emails to SOAP and REST mail lists

What we can do is measure popularity on the big web, and the number of public endpoints. And today we have one less.

Someone at o'reilly is a bit miffed about this, showing how hard it is for everyone to recognise the support costs and opportunity costs of maintaining something that barely gets used. I can see that that the active users are upset, but well, these things happen. One day, all public SOAP endpoints will be turned off.

Incidentally, this shows a problem with relying on any external SOAP or REST service for some mission-critical role in your own code. How can you be sure that one day your service provider won't turn it off?

Slowly, all over the world, the lights on the SOAP endpoints are going out

updated. See the follow up.

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